Text message, you are what you listen to

What personality do you have based on what you listen


For most of us, music is a necessary component of our daily life. It makes no difference whether we like it or not; music is all around us regardless of whether we want it to be. As a result, it is critical to document the effects of music on our brains.

Don’t stress over your musical preferences. Everyone has varied musical preferences, which is a wonderful thing. The repetitive and melodic aspects in music affect portions of our brain involved in motor planning, attention, and memory no matter what genre we listen to.

Professors Peter Rentfrow of Cambridge University and Sam Gosling of the University of Texas at Austin conducted a study called “Do Re the Mi of Everyday Life: Structure and Personality Correlated with Musical Preferences”. The responses of more than 1,700 students were analysed, and the music was divided into four categories, drawing a comparison between the songs they were listening to and their personalities.[1]



Complex (classical music/blues/folk/jazz) – they have an open mindset, are creative, intelligent, tolerant and appreciate beauty.

Energetic (hip-hop/dance) – they are self-assured not only in their own abilities, but also in their physical appearance.

Optimistic (religious/country/pop music) – they are self-assured, attractive, and enjoy assisting their peers when necessary.

Intense (heavy metal/rock/alternative rock) – they are energetic, adventurous, hardworking, and slightly inquisitive.



Even so, you aren’t restricted to one group. The generalisation will always hold true, but our musical tastes are shaped by many different factors, much like our personalities.

Similarly, to how motivating music can energise and inspire you to think positively, music with a negative message might drive you to reconsider your worldview and identity.

So…be careful what you listen to!


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References: [1] Rentfrow, P.J. and Gosling, S.D. (2003)

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