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The Show Starts with You



How many times you have asked yourself how good you are in the music industry, or if you can succeed as an artist and if you are on the right way to go?


Now you can find out…



A talent show competition is an excellent method to perform in front of an audience while still having fun. At the same time, gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent and music ability in front of judges from music industry, as well as local influencers.





Xpressions competition


» Xpressions-Music is a talent show with difference unlike the plethora of “urban talent” show.

» Artists from across the UK are invited to perform live to the public, as well as V.I.P. guests such as record company executives, producers, and music management agents.

» Xpressions showcases youthful talent in the arts between the ages of 16 and 30, spanning all genres of music from acoustic musicians to jazz, indie, hip hop, RnB, rock, gospel and reggae.





You want people to know about you? You want to express yourself and to do what you love? Do you want to step out of the shadows and feel like you are really appreciated?



Sign up  for Xpressions talent show competition and gain experience, because performance experience is a crucial asset that can help you gain recognition from a larger audience.

One of the most effective ways to succeed as an artist is to understand what you are doing well and wrong and this is where talent showcases come in handy. Singers receive expert input on how their performance went during the talent show process. This is crucial to your growth and long-term success.

This kind of events attract artists from music industry, agencies, and labels looking for new artists to sign and promote.

Musical ability, stage presence, image and uniqueness will all be considered by the judges. They will also be looking for a singer that has the potential to be a major artists in United Kingdom.

Our professional judges, as well as out local influencers will vote to determinate who will benefit of:

  • Studio time
  • A professional Bio
  • Consultation with an industry executive
  • Professional Photoshop
  • Image Consulting
  • A feature interview in magazines and local press
  • The opportunity to perform on showcases in and around UK.



If you want to build your confidence and to sing in front of an audience, a TALENT SHOW, is an excellent way to do so. Apply here and sign up for your opportunity to build your music career.



“Xpressions” is an annual event with monthly events in the Medway area. The competition will take place over the course of six month, with monthly heats, determining which two acts will advance to the finals.

Give yourself a chance, sign up and be on Medway College, Medway, Kent, on 29th August, between 2pm-5pm.


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