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The Five-Step Process for Writing a Song

You don’t have to be a musician to learn how to write songs. Before becoming a songwriter, everyone is a non-songwriter.

If you’ve never attempted it before, these are the five simple steps to writing a song.


  1. Compose melodic harmonies for the chorus. Great song ideas don’t necessitate a thorough knowledge of complex music theory. Improvising is often the first step in the song writing process for many people. Try making up a tune for a chorus on the fly. Choose between picking out notes on a guitar or singing into a phone recorder to create your own custom music piece! This melody will serve as the basis for your upcoming song, so pay attention.


  1. Make sure you have the correct chords on your guitar. When you have a song, you’ll need rhythms to accompany it. Make use of a variety of chords to enhance your improvised melody. This is a simple technique if you have a basic understanding of theoretical physics. A pleasing sound can be found by experimenting until you find one that works.


  1. Create a new section of the document. Proceed on to the rest of the piece after you’ve finished the chorus melody and chords. The next logical step is usually to start writing some verses of one’s own. You should be aware that a first verse may go straight into a chorus, but some composers postpone the chorus and instead go from a first chorus to a pre-chorus or even a second verse.


  1. Don’t forget to include lyrics when adding music. You’re ready to create lyrics once you’ve finished writing the songs and tonality for your song. Be open-minded; not each set of verses has to conclude in a rhyming couplet. Rhyming is not as important to great lyrics as having a cohesive theme and clear visuals.


  1. Identify the title of the song. Artists generally wait till the very end to name their songs. There’s no right or wrong way to title a song; you can take inspiration from a memorable line of lyrics.


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