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Music event in Kent | Tickets available


Mark your calendar for our first Showcase – Xpressions-Music event, which brings together musicians from various types of music – jazz and blues, pop and classical music, rap, and more – in one place.


The Glassbox Theatre at Midkent College will reverberate with the emotion and excitement of the performers, whose performances will be filled with passion and enthusiasm.


Our first Xpressions-Music show will be held on October 24th at the Glassbox Theatre in Kent, in which virtuosity, talent, and refinement will be pitted against one another in remarkable performances in front of a jury of industry specialists that will help place on the path of following their dreams.


In accordance with the tagline “Xpress ya Self,” we encourage young people, who are well on their way to become great musicians, to express their emotions and sentiments via music, so that we may all enjoy the music in future years to come, we are here to help provide them with their  first step on their musical journey.


We would love you  to show your support for these budding artists and help them realise a part of their goal, we invite you to The Glassbox Theatre, at Midkent College on October 24th at 3pm to spend a few hours with some of the most amazing young artists you have ever met. To purchase tickets, click here.


Xpress ya Self

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