Xpressions …….. What is it?

“Xpressions” is the brainchild of Wilson White Ltd, a promotion and events planning management company run by Jennifer Charles aka “Missye”.

Wilson White was formed in January 2003 with a vision to organise and promote events, offer management services and also to provide a structure, which would enable us to explore the many avenues that are being presented to us.

Following a competition entry by a friend for her resemblance to the US Icon Missy Elliot, her journey started where the young budding artist would mistake her as the Real Missy Elliot and would inundate her with CDS of their music, as they were looking to source advice on how they could make their way in the music industry and become as successful as she has become.

Missye used that platform as a way of giving back and formed Xpressions to allow the young artists to get the necessary feedback and encouragement they needed to find their way in their chosen path.

Xpress Ya Self