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10 Tips to Win a Music Competition

It is always stressful to try to prepare for a singing contest. Most artists are so scared and unsure of themselves, that they lose their sense of what to do or how to act when they take the stage to play. The quality of a performance is determined by the preparation quality!!!

Understanding how a music competition works is critical for professional singers’ success, and if you don’t know how to prepare successfully, you’ll struggle to win. Fortunately, there are a few basic actions you may do before to a singing or music competition to improve your performance and prepare.

If you want to have a good chance of winning a music competition, you must know how to prepare for it!


10 Tips for a Good Performance


  1. Select an artist or song that has a special meaning for you. Don’t use cliched reasons for choosing your artist. Try to come up with a unique viewpoint.


  1. You should choose a song that is easier for you to sing rather than one that is difficult. Choose a song that emphasises your strengths while downplaying your flaws.


  1. Make sure you’re comfortable with the music and lyrics of your song. The more at ease you are with the music, the more likely you are to rock your competition performance.

  1. Make sure your second and third pieces are as well-rehearsed as your first. They are looking for persons who are diverse. If and when you are called upon, be prepared.


  1. Before you begin practising your performance piece, be sure you have a solid foundation. There are numerous tutorials available on the internet.


  1. Control your breathing. One of the most critical talents a vocalist can have is breath control. When you inhale, your lower abdomen should expand, and when you exhale, it should contract.


  1. Before your competition, practise in front of as many people as possible. Get feedback from people you can trust. Get sound guidance from a trustworthy source. It will assist you in recreating the competition environment, allowing you to develop your performance skills and practise managing your performance nerves.


  1. Record your music several times and listen to it. When we sing, we often don’t notice things that aren’t quite right until we hear them back.


  1. Don’t make last-minute changes to your playlist. A large number of people make this mistake. Keep doing what you’ve been doing. It is your finest opportunity to deliver your best performance.


  1. Have fun with it. Be true and have faith in yourself!!!









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Sourced from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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